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Telling A Story, Sharing the Vision

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Nine years ago - I sat in front of my computer screen weeping. I had just read profile after profile of children with Down syndrome in other countries. I read their sad stories and I took in their heartbreaking images.


My heart was impacted. I could no longer pretend there wasn’t a need.


The day before I had no idea. I went about my business as usual. Do all the things. Momlife.

I mean, I knew orphanages existed. I knew they could be bad. But I had never taken the opportunity to go past that. So. What was different from one day to the next?


the story


By opening myself up and taking in the story - my whole perspective was changed. Really, the impact was life altering - in that we soon after committed to our own international adoption of Maxim and Ivanna. Something we had never planned on doing - but because of becoming aware of the need: felt compelled and called to.


I also became very aware that sharing the story of a need or what you are doing to be used in this world, can be powerful. Just as it was in my life - I realized this was true for others. People want to become involved, and we want to help you do that.


One of our desires is to provide you with the opportunity to hear the stories of other companies and organizations that might be working to make an impact. We want to be able to provide a platform for awareness - and hopefully for action.


I’ll be honest, deep down inside I feel like we are standing on the brink of something great. Something bigger and way more meaningful than my finite mind can comprehend. It inspires me - and drives me. To say that I’m excited - feels inadequate.


So. Grab your coffee - get cozy, and let’s get this story started…..

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