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And so it begins...

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And so it begins


Well, actually - it has already been set in motion. This little business, that started three years ago. Helping this mama of eleven in ways she never imagined. It started as a means to simply earn enough to have fun money set aside. Money to buy a pair of shoes here - or my much loved coffee there. Never did I expect anything more.


However, it quickly became evident that this little side hustle was destined to be more. Something that would need to incorporate my whole family.


And I couldn’t be more thrilled.


We had always dreamed of having a business. Sometimes we envisioned a coffee shop. Sometimes it was even a restaurant. However it morphed, it always remained  … a dream.

So now, here we are. A family with eleven kids. Three of whom have down syndrome. A family that many would say: have their plates full - too full for anything like this. And yet, we have very gratefully - ran a successful business just shy of it’s third year.


Aside from the obvious financial blessing that a business can yield. I want to also mention the addition of community.


As a mama to many - it was not very often I found the chance to connect with other women. Having this business has helped me to have connections, be a positive impact and even more so: find encouragement from both my customers and fellow business owners.


These women have become my friends.


We help bear one another’s burdens. We uplift each other. We build one another up. And as I type this - just the thought of all I have experienced thus far, brings me to tears.


To express my gratefulness often feels inadequate. I just can not. Yet, I am beyond grateful. Beyond grateful, and excited to see what yet is in store.


So. Thank you. Thank you for joining us on this journey. And thank you to those who have been on this journey thus far. You are why this business has come to mean so much. And we are humbled by your presence.

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