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The ABC's from Chaos to Ease: a journal experience

The ABC's from Chaos to Ease: a journal experience

A local PNW author: LeAnn Elkins 


Chaos, also known as stress and anxiety, is impacting us all in some way every day. Whether it be the internal chaos of our thoughts or the external chaos of financial and work pressures, family and/or our health, it has become an epidemic.The good news, we do have choice in how we respond to the chaos around us and through daily practiced behaviors centered around ease we can cultivate calm. The journal introduces 26 ways to welcome ease into our lives. It is through the exploration of where we are in our own journey around these behaviors and how we can make subtle changes that will allow us to cultivate a life of ease amongst the chaos.The ABC’s from Chaos to Ease encourages the reader to color, doodle, write, draw and reflect (all centering activities) as they travel through the journal. Taking a letter a day (or week), the reader will first be introduced to the behavior, be given a few questions to consider as well as quotes or supporting information. There is also room for your own notes and reflections. The author also shares her own story on moving from a lifelong journey of living in chaos to now enjoying the benefits of living in ease.At the heart of the ABC’s from Chaos to Ease is the concept that we do have choice in learning to live like the lotus — at ease in the muddy waters.

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